Parent’s Manual


Vision Statement

The Pagadian City Chamber School aims to be a pinnacle in a multilingual, multiple intelligence learning system that integrates Filipino-Chinese cultural heritage in the region.

Mission Statement

The Pagadian City Chamber School is committed towards:

  • Establishing a progressive learning environment that develops a child’s holistic being with respect to oneself and human dignity.
  • Adopting an ever-evolving curriculum that can adapt and cater to the demands of ever-changing global social structures.


Our School Community is committed to making our school a safe and caring environment for all students. We will treat each other with respect and refuse to tolerate bullying of any kind.


Bullying is unfair and one-sided. Bullying behavior happens when someone keeps hurting, harassing, intimidating, threatening, or causing substantial emotional distress to a person. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication media (cell phones, text messages, instant messaging, social networks, etc.) to bully another student in the ways described above. 

Bullying and cyberbullying interfere with a student’s educational opportunities and can substantially disrupt the orderly operations of the school.

  • Hurting someone physically by hitting, kicking, tripping, or pushing
  • Stealing or damaging another person’s things
  • Ganging up on someone
  • Teasing someone in a hurtful way
  • Using put-downs (i.e., insulting or making fun of someone)
  • Name calling
  • Spreading rumors or untruths about someone
  • Leaving someone out on purpose, or trying to get other kids not to play with someone
  • Using any electronic communication device (texting, cell phones, social networks, etc.) to insult, threaten, or post untrue information or embarrassing photos about another student

Students at our school will do the following things to prevent bullying:Treat everyone with respect and kindness

  • Refuse to bully others
  • Refuse to let others be bullied
  • Refuse to watch, laugh, or join in when someone is being bullied
  • Try to include everyone in play, especially those who are often left out
  • Report bullying behavior to an adult

Teachers and staff at our school will do the following things to prevent bullying and help children feel safe at school:

  • Closely supervise students in all areas of the school and playground
  • Watch for signs of bullying behavior and stop it when it happens
  • Respond quickly and sensitively to bullying reports using the Four-A-Response Process (Affirm Feelings, Ask Questions, Assess Safety, and Act by coaching the child on what to do in the future)
  • Look into all reported bullying incidents
  • Assign consequences for bullying based on the school discipline code
  • Assign immediate consequences for retaliation against students who report bullying


Consequences for Violation of the Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying behavior, including cyberbullying, will not be tolerated. If cyberbullying occurs outside of school hours, but the repercussions are brought to school and disrupt the school and/or interfere with a student’s emotional/social well being, consequences will be given. Depending on the severity and nature of the incident, the principal or designee will take one or more of the following steps when bullying occurs: 

  1. Intervention, Warning, and Redirection  A teacher, principal, or staff member will ensure that the immediate behavior stops and reinforce to the student who is doing the bullying that bullying will not be tolerated. During this meeting with the student, the staff member will redirect the student and come up with a plan for success should they find themselves in a similar situation in the future.
  2. Notification of Parents. School staff will notify the parents of involved students. The parents might be asked to meet with the principal or other members of the school staff, including the student’s teacher and/or the school guidance counselor.
  3. Resolution with the Target of Bullying. The student who is bullying may be required to write a letter of apology to the student who was bullied. Depending upon the nature of the incident, the students involved may meet to help resolve the problem and ensure it does not happen again.
  4. Referral to School Support Staff . The student who is bullied may meet with the school psychologist or guidance counselor to help prevent future violations.
  5. Consequences. The student who is bullying may be assigned detention and/or lose school privileges (i.e., serving on the student council, school newspaper, school performances, yearbook, etc). In cases of serious or repeated bullying, the student may be subject to suspension and/or expulsion. If serious circumstances warrant, law enforcement may also be contacted.


Student assessment is a vital part of the educational process. Teachers and specialists use a variety of methods to regularly assess student progress on an ongoing basis. 

Summative Exams are held every quarter or twice every semester. The exam is a 100-item assessment with 20-item identification and memory recall questions, 20-item comprehension questions and at least 60% application and critical analysis questions. The number of items may vary in each subject but the application level questions cannot be less than 60%. For language courses and subjects such English, Chinese and Filipino, exams will include Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The exams are administered in a centralized and proctor-supervised manner. 

AMI Assessment: The Pagadian City Chamber School performs a continuing advanced multiple intelligence (AMI) assessment of learners according to the domains of art, mathematics, sports, language, among others.


Regular Attendance is important for students to be successful learners. When a student is absent, they miss out on the sequence of instruction and must spend extra time catching up with their classmates upon returning to school. Absences are monitored closely. Please call the school hotline,when your child will be absent. A student cannot be absent more than 4 cumulative days, otherwise he or she may be dismissed from the roster of students.

Checking In and Out

Students must be checked in and out through the school office when coming in late or leaving early. Students may ONLY be released to those persons designated on their emergency cards. We are unable to make any exceptions. Parents must ensure they have listed the names of any individual who may pick up their child on the student’s emergency card.

Tardies for students grade 1 through 6

Students are required to attend school and classes on time each day. Punctuality is a measure of responsibility and the Governing Board of Pagadian City Chamber School deems it important that all students learn the value of being punctual. Students tardiness to school must sign in at the school office before going to their class. Students are considered to be tardy if they are not in their seat prepared to work when the bell rings for school to begin.

Justification for tardiness is very limited. Tardies will be excused only for health reasons, family emergencies and justifiable personal reasons, as permitted by law. Class participation is an integral part of students’ learning experiences. Parents/guardians and students are strongly encouraged to schedule medical appointments during non-school hours. Tardies will accumulate during the school year. For each tardy that occurs within a school year, the following consequence(s) will apply.

  • 1-3rd Tardy — Teacher Conference with student
  • 5th Tardy — Principal Conference with student and telephone call to parent
  • 6th Tardy — First letter and Soft Truancy Booklet sent home
  • 7-9th Tardy — Second letter Parent Conference Scheduled
  • 10th Tardy — Referral to Administration/ Dismissal

Prompt After School Pick Up

Staff supervision ends at 5:00 pm. Students not picked up by 5:00 pm will be directed to a classroom for supervision. Students will sign their name on a clipboard when they arrive and parents will be required to sign the children out when they are picked up . Repetitive late pick-ups will be reported to the principal. A letter may be sent home reminding you that prompt pick-up is important to ensure your child’s safety.

Medcal Appointments. 

We urge parents to schedule medical and dental appointments so they do not conflict with class time. If a student needs to be checked out of class, parents must come to the office to sign them out (and back in when they return). We will call the classroom to have your child come to the office.


Back to School Night is scheduled during the first 2 weeks of school and parents are encouraged to attend this special event. The purpose of the evening is to give teachers an opportunity to share with parents the curriculum, class expectations, and learning opportunities available for each child. This night is for parents only, so parents will need to make child care arrangements. Discussion is intended to be general. Conferences for individual concerns should be scheduled for a later time. Open House is scheduled during the opening week of the first semester. This is an opportunity for students to share with their parents some of the projects and other classroom activities they have worked on throughout the year.


Students are not permitted to be on campus before 7:00 a.m. unless they are enrolled in a before school intervention or enrichment class.  After 7:00 a.m. students are to go to the back top area of the playground until the bell rings at 7:30 a.m.  Kindergarten students stay on the Kindergarten Playground.


Students may ride bicycles/skateboards to school if they abide by the following safety rules:

  • Riders must be in grades 3 – 6.
  • All riders must wear a helmet.
  • Bicycles/skateboards are to be walked on school premises. Riding skateboards and scooters on campus is strictly prohibited (both during and after school hours).
  • Sidewalks must be used in the parking lot areas – no riding in the parking lot.
  • Bicycles/skateboards must be parked in bike racks and locked.
  • Only one person per bike/skateboard.
  • Bicycle/skateboard riders must obey the same rules that apply to cars when using the street.


Any personal portable devices (e.g. cell phones, smart watches, tablets, etc.), except for assistive technology to support medical conditions, may not be used during school hours. They should be turned off and remain in the student’s backpack. If students need to call a parent during school hours, they may ask to use a school phone. The school phone should not be used to schedule after-school play dates as these types of arrangements should be scheduled outside of the school day. Students may not use toys, cell phones, or other personal electronic equipment during school hours.  If students need to call a parent during school hours, they may use a school phone. The school phone should not be used to schedule after-school play dates. These dates should be arranged in advance. Please only bring items when asked by the teacher as part of show and tell or other requested special times.  


If you have a change of address or phone number, please let the office know so that they can maintain accurate, up-to-date information. If you are moving out of the area, notify the office and we will issue a transfer slip to present to your new school. If a reasonable amount of notice is given, a curriculum form will be given to teachers to complete to assist the next teacher.


When we assign students to classes for the next school year, we endeavor to meet the needs of the individual child and develop classes whose balance and dynamics contribute to a positive learning environment. To achieve well-balanced classes, we consider academic ability; to help maintain positive class dynamics, we consider which pupils should and should not be placed together. “Sending” and “Receiving” teachers will consider the benefits of possible assignments to each student, as well as the contributions each student and various groupings of students can bring to the dynamics and balance of each class.


The Pagadian City Chamber School Board of Trustees has established a “closed campus” at Pagadian City Chamber School in the interest of student safety and supervision. Once students arrive on the school grounds, they must remain on campus until the end of the school day. Students who need to leave school before the end of the day need to be checked out in the school office. For the safety of the students at Pagadian City Chamber School, we ask that ALL parents sign in at the office when on campus for volunteering purposes.

Parents inside the Campus

No parent or guardian except for Preschool and Kindergarten learners are allowed to stay inside the campus during office hours. This is a Deped policy applicable to all public and private schools. For parents who are authorized to stay inside the campus, their presence is limited at the designated area only. Only when called upon by School officials or teachers are they allowed to approach the main building/ lobby. A day-watch parent must get an Identification Card from the Administration office. Any parent who will violate this rule shall be prohibited from further entry and shall be reported to the Department of Education.

Consultation Hours

Parents who wish to consult with their child’s teacher or the School Principal must set an appointment prior to their visit. Consultation hours are from 4pm-5pm only Mondays to Fridays. The School officials and faculty members have the right to refuse any parent from meeting or seeing him or her if the latter is rude and shows no respect to the school faculty or official.


Students have access to computers in the computer lab and library. Before students use the computer, students and parents must sign a contract. The contract states: Improper use of the computer will result in the cancellation of the student’s access privileges and revocation of permission to use the computer, as well as disciplinary action by school officials. The contract also gives or takes away the right for the student to log on to the Internet. Any damage to property must be paid for.


The Pagadian City Chamber School has a unique learning environment different from other private and public schools. It carries with it a legacy of Filipino-Chinese culture that is embedded in our entire learning system.  A chamber School students is geared towards becoming:

  • Respectful to elders and persons in authority
  • Independent and diligent life-long learners
  • Tolerant and adaptive to cultural diversity 
  • Forward-looking, technologically adept entrepreneurs
  • Service-driven and nationalist



Service dogs are permitted, but otherwise we do not allow dogs on campus.


Visitors and authorized day-watch parents / guardians

Visitor or parent ID must be worn at all times. Visitors and authorized parents must comply with the school Dress Code which prohibits the wearing of the following:

  • Slippers or rubber sandals
  • Sando
  • Short pants (male)

Students/ pupils

Students and pupils must wear the authorized uniform for the day as follows:

  • MWF Type A Uniform
  • Tuesday Scouting
  • Thursday PE Uniform

As may be determined by the School administration, the uniform policy shall be strictly enforced after a grace period for uniform acquisition is implemented.  A student not wearing uniform shall be denied entry to the classroom without prior permission from the Principal or any authorized school head. 

Parents are advised to monitor the weather and provide their children with raincoats or umbrellas in case of inclement weather. It is advisable to provide extra clothing to pupils especially during their arts and physical activity days.

Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Black leather shoes for boys and black doll shoes for girls. Sports shoes for running or football are recommended during activity days or if necessary, as extra shoes.

Students may wear hats, caps, hoodies and other coverings at school but not during class hours. Students should be reminded that wearing these items is a privilege which may be lost if they become a distraction or a problem. Students are discouraged from wearing expensive (signature or designer brands) or flashy clothes, tight-fitting pants/blouses/dresses, mini-skirts, short shorts, blouses with plunging necklines, hip-hop pants for boys, and sleepwear. 

Students shall not be prohibited from dressing in a manner consistent with their gender identity or gender expression or with their religious or cultural observances. 



Emergency procedures are in place to insure the safety of the students during various emergency situations: earthquake, evacuation, bomb threats or intruder on campus. During an emergency, children will be dismissed by the Class Adviser to go home only if there is time to return students safely to their homes, and parents can be notified. If a student’s parents cannot be contacted and/or the parent is unable to pick up their child, the school will maintain responsibility for the student until the parent or authorized individual can pick up the student. At no time will a student be excused except to the care of a parent or other adult designated on the emergency card.

If evacuation of the school is necessary, students will be transported to a predetermined location. Parents will be advised of the evacuation site by radio announcements and/or information posted at the school site. 

Evacuation of the school will not be attempted unless there is no alternative. In the event of an emergency, school personnel need to be involved in caring for the students, and telephone lines need to be kept open for communications with proper authorities. 

To help prepare for emergency situations, all students and staff perform an Emergency Drill which will consist of one or more of the following:

  • Fire/Evacuation Drill

The fire alarm sounds. The teacher walks the students to their designated area a safe distance from the building. The teacher then takes attendance and waits for further instructions from the principal.

  • Earthquake Drill

The teacher will have the  students “Drop and Cover” which is getting to their knees away from dangerous windows or other areas covering their heads. They get under tables, desks, or other sturdy furniture. They remain in this position until the office indicates it is time to evacuate or for the drill to end. If an evacuation is called, all classes walk outside the building to the backfield. Everyone meets at the assembly area where there are supply sheds and emergency equipment in case of an actual emergency.

  • Lockdown Drill

This drill is in case of an intruder, stray dog, or any other threat on campus. The principal announces the situation on the intercom and rings the bell if students are outside. Teachers lock the doors and close windows. The students move together to a safe spot in the classroom. Teachers take attendance and remain with students. The class waits for further instructions.


Flag raising ceremony is held every Monday unless the weather does not permit the school to do so. A flag retreat ceremony will be held every Friday. Parents are always invited to stay for our weekly assemblies. Participation of learners in both activities is mandatory. A monetary penalty and community service time shall be imposed  to learners who failed to do so.




Each year school children have several common infections such as colds and intestinal upset. For the protection of your child and his/her classmates, please keep your child at home when ill. and please notify the school (absence line (062) 308 4629).  As a matter of national and local government policy, learners who show such symptoms are prohibited from entering the class. Parents are therefore advised to provide home medication to their children and seek immediate medical care if such symptoms remain in a couple of days. 


Parents must provide copies of all necessary information associated with a child’s allergy. This includes the doctor’s excuse, explanation of care and treatment, medicines used, and continuity of care. Parents must inform the school of any changes that may occur immediately after notification of the changes.

  • Children with asthma should have an asthma action plan completed by their pediatrician and kept on file at the school. 
  • Parents of students with food allergies need to provide a physician plan in writing for the student’s specific needs.
  •  Students requiring the use of an Epi-pen or Inhaler must have current information and the prescription medication in the director’s office.
  •  Parents of students with food allergies are required to provide the substitutions needed for their diet. 
  • We will not withhold any food or milk from a child without a written physician plan or doctor’s note. 

Medication at School

If your child is required to take daily or occasional medication during school hours and requires a parent/guardian, they MUST complete a medical form signed by the doctor before the medication can be administered. ALL medication must be stored in the clinic. Children should not have medication with them at any time – please do not put medication in your child’s backpack. 

School Clinic Services

Our clinic is operated by the DRRMO and is open 24/7. First aid treatment to any kind of accident or emergency is available. Immediate referral is also available. As a matter of protocol, parents are immediately informed of any clinic service.



Homework is a vital part of the total learning process. Grade level practices are communicated to the students and parents during the first week of school. Homework serves to provide essential practice in needed skills; enrich and extend the school experience; and promote growth and responsibility.  Students will receive a weekly homework sheet, listing all assignments for the week. The agenda will be used daily in class to organize class work, homework assignments and other important information. Students will be responsible for maintaining the agenda for the entire school year. 

It is the responsibility of the student to record and understand the homework assignment, complete it, and return it to school on the required day. It is the responsibility of the parent to set a specific time and place for doing homework and to monitor the student’s homework. Parents who have concerns about homework should contact their child’s teacher. Parents should provide guidance to students, not answers.


Found items are kept in the Faculty Room; small or valuable items are kept in a drawer in the school office. After a period of time, items are donated to charity, so please encourage your children to check the lost and found periodically.  We make every effort to return items if names are on them so be sure to label all personal belongings.


Food and grocery is available at the Campus Grocery. Since the campus caters to learners from preschoolers to college students, the range of available items does not necessarily coincide with the needs of elementary learners. It is the responsibility of parents to inform the grocery of which items their children are prohibited from buying. Children who have lunch packs are allowed to eat at the cafeteria. 

The school implements the policy of clean as you go (CLAYGO) on campus. Eat first; Clean up your area; Talk quietly; Be polite and remember your manners; Clean the restroom after use.  Learners regardless of age must comply with our waste disposal policy. Any learner caught violating the policy shall be apprehended and penalized.



Children are asked not to bring pets from home. In special cases, pets may be brought only with the prior permission of the teacher and should be in a cage or under some other form of restraint.


All learners are required to undergo and pass the mandatory multiple intelligence domain learning activities including arts, sports, music, among others.  Learners are strictly monitored of their progress in all areas and are given special sessions for advancement


We welcome all new families to Pagadian City Chamber School.  Requirements for new students include:

  • School Form 9 (Form 138)
  • Good Moral Certificate
  • PSA Birth Certificate



Students are issued Report Cards every end of each quarter. Report cards are reviewed with parents during each end of semester conferences. A final report card is sent home with the students on the last day of school. The school will hold report cards if students have not paid for a lost book.


Pagadian City Chamber School has adopted the rules and procedures for reporting sexual harassment in compliance with DepEd policies. The Pagadian City Chamber School prohibits unlawful sexual harassment of any student or employee by any other student or employee. 

Teachers shall discuss this policy with their students in age-appropriate ways and should assure them that they need not endure any form of sexual harassment. Any student who engages in sexual harassment of anyone in or from the school premises  may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. 

Any employee who permits or engages in sexual harassment of any student may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Students and staff shall immediately report incidents of sexual harassment to the principal/designee or to the Chairman of the Board.

Any student who feels that he/she is being sexually harassed should immediately contact the principal/teacher or the school administrator in order to file a formal complaint.

The school prohibits retaliatory behavior against any complainant or any participant in the process. Each complaint of sexual harassment shall be promptly investigated in a way that respects the privacy of all parties concerned.


The School has installed CCTV cameras around the campus. Cameras are not placed in areas where students, staff, or community members have a reasonable expectation for privacy. Audio recording is activated only in non-learning areas.



Pagadian City Chamber School is a Tobacco – Free Campus Environment. Use of all tobacco products shall be prohibited within any building, facility, or vehicle, school grounds or premises. This prohibition shall also apply to all individuals attending or representing campus activities held off district property.  A designated smoking area shall be located at the back area of the school premises.


Nature of Grievance

Classroom-level issues are those pertaining to teacher behavior and teaching styles. School facility concerns are those relating to non-academic concerns and pertains to personnel or staff or school facilities such as motorpool, cafeteria or grocery mart. Administrative concerns include behavior of teachers, staff, and critical school policy violations.

Basic Procedure

Parents who have legitimate grievances or concerns shall raise classroom-level issues to the particular Subject Teacher. For facility concerns, the parents may raise the issue with the Class Adviser. For administrative issues, parents may raise their concerns with the School Principal or Program Coordinator. 

No communication via text or FB personal messages shall be admitted as official communique for a particular matter to be resolved. Concerns raised via Official Facebook Community Chat is considered privileged information and does not require any attention by the school teachers or officials unless done in writing. School officials are not obliged to answer any query raised by FB Community Chat.

Only when all levels of grievance resolution are exhausted shall parents raise them to the The Office of the School Administrator. 

Social Media Posting

All parents, including learners are prohibited from posting in the social media any issue pertaining to the school. Any violation of this policy will result in the dismissal of the learner from the roster of students and the filing of necessary cyberlibel charges against the parent or guardian.


Pagadian City Chamber School welcomes parent involvement. The school recognizes the important role of parent volunteers in modern education. Parents are encouraged to apply as volunteers in the following areas:

  • Support security
  • Traffic management
  • Canteen services
  • Coach in sports

Volunteers must abide by campus rules and regulations.