A kindergarten curriculum should be easy to digest for your kid and include subjects that aren’t too abstract for a kindergartner. Essential subjects in a kindergarten curriculum are language arts and math. But at the Pagadian City chamber School, kindergartners will learning Chinese language and culture early!

Through Southeast Asian Institute’s Advanced Multiple Intelligence Learning System, the Pagadian City Chamber School will give Kindergartners the most advanced yet fun-filled and stress-free learning experience that learners from other schools do not. Our teaching strategies are NON-TRADITIONAL. Our classrooms are designed as LABORATORIES for real-life hands-on learning. Lessons are delivered at PROGRESSIVE levels so learners can further take advanced studies at no limits! Specialized lessons are prepared for the following fields:

Language Arts

Of course, language arts are the first thing everyone learns at the beginning. All kids start passively learning it in their infancy! But of course, children still need to spend time learning their ABCs, how to spell, read, write, correct grammar, and so forth. Language arts include many kindergarten branches like phonics, reading, (hand)writing, and spelling. More than just language skills learning, our learners will learn both Chinese and American English at the same time in progressive manners!


In Pagadian City chamber School’s kindergarten program, math is something your child will learn to love and master. Math is taught through challenging yet fun activities, with rewards at the end.


Science is taught at an early age!

Social Studies

We will find and showcase the geek in your child.

Sports/ Football Academy

Pagadian City Chamber School is the ONLY private school in the region with complete sports facilities ranging from football fields, modern gymnasium, volleyball and indoor game facilities like badminton, table tennis, chess and more!